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Sharkey's Glass Bottom Tours

We Are The Original Glass Bottom Kayak LED illuminated Fish Feeding Night Tours

Go on an unforgettable experience at one of our locations throughout Florida!

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Sharkey’s Water Sports has locations in Tampa, St. Pete Beach and Sarasota. We offer adventure tours, glass bottom kayak, paddleboard, floating mats, Ebike, and bike rentals. We also offer a unique E-bike fishing adventure or sea-life excursion along 9 miles of waterfront protected safe bike trail crossing Tampa Bay and also 9 miles of waterfront and bridge trails going to Fort De Soto State Park from our St. Pete Beach location. We have retail store locations at Ben T. Davis Beach, Tampa, and Bay Palms Waterfront Hotel and Marina in St. Pete Beach with our own docks and beach services.

Our signature products are the Daytime Island & Mangrove Tunnel Adventures where we often see Dolphins and Manatees and our Glass Bottom Kayak LED illuminated Night Tour where we use high powered underwater LED lights to illuminate the sea floor and attract sea-life. We also feed fish on our LED night tours and we’ve trained them to follow us at some locations making you feel like a “fish whisperer” while exploring under the stars with friends, family, or someone special.


Awesome experience!

This was so much fun! They provide everything you need to have a great time. I went solo and have kayaked many times before. The catfish you feed are everywhere and there is a ton of other wildlife to enjoy along the way to the bridge. There is a phone number you call in to, to be able to hear the guide talk the entire time. I brought my headphones to listen. Its kayaking and you will get wet.

– Megan B. | TripAdvisor
Night kayak tour 10/10 would do it again!

The experience was great! Absolutely 10/10. The guides were fun and had some great commentary and knowledge on the area and sea life. The water was calm and not being in the sun was a big plus for me. Getting to see through the kayak is so fun we got to see so much! If family comes out here again I’d definitely go again! If you’re thinking about booking this let this be the review that tells you DO IT! You won’t regret it. I made memories I’ll carry forever.

– Laila R. | TripAdvisor
Highlight of Our Trip

This was the best part of our trip! So much fun! Call ahead for reservations, well in advance. We had 5 nights on our trip and I called as soon as we arrived in St. Pete, and they only had an opening on our last night. I was worried since we had little to none kayak experience, but we did fine. The tour guide was excellent. We mainly saw catfish, but we found a few different types of crabs and the tour guide pulled them out for anyone who wanted to hold. Weather was perfect! We highly recommend. It is a must do!

– Ryan & Becky J. | TripAdvisor
Fun, relaxing, unique date night!

Fun Date! The weather was perfect. The water was very calm and it was a peaceful evening on the water with no mosquitos either. You go slowly enough that you do not need to be in shape to paddle. The people helping you in the kayak are patient and kind and keep you dry. It was so fun to feed the fish and actually touch them when they came to the surface. The bottoms of the boat are not glass, but plastic. You mostly see the fish beside your boat, not underneath, but it was a worthwhile, laid back tour all ages would enjoy!

– C.J. | TripAdvisor