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LED illiuminated Kayaks are one of the hottest newest trends in watersports. Nighttime Kayak tours utilize LED lights to see the underwater ecosystem.  The LED lights attract small fish and crustaceans which often attract even larger fish and the glass bottom design on the kayak provides an entertaining and safe way for you to view the sea.

Sometime you will see Kayaks utilizing lighting systems with fun colors for a more colorful and fun underwater show.  Underwater LED light systems were brand new until just a few years ago, so expect to see alot more kayaks on the water day and night.

Nightime Kayak tours give tourists the opportunity to get out of the hot sun and take advantage of the cool night conditions which is not available with other watersports activities such as jet skiing, boat tours, snorkeling, Kitesurfing, Dolphin Sight Seeing Tours, etc These other activities are restricted at night because of regulatory safety issues but also because there’s nothing to see until now with the underwater LED light system and the opportunity to use it with various watercraft in the watersports rental industry.

Are kayaks safe at night?

Yes, but be sure you are traveling with a licensed and insured travel guide company. They will lead your group utilizing safe protocols during safe weather conditions.

Weather in Clearwater/St Pete Florida today:  Outside Temp: 90 degrees  Humidity: 67% . Wind: 6 mph

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