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What is there to in John’s Pass?

What is John’s Pass and John’s Pass Village?

John’s Pass is a cut or pass located in Madeira Beach that joins Boca Ciega Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. Once upon a time in September of 1848, a Hurricane swept through Madeira Beach Florida and with it’s powerful storm surge and winds, John’s Pass was created.

John’s Pass was named after the famous pirate John Levique who supposedly buried treasure off of an Island in the Madeira Beach area from the money he made from selling turtles for gold and piracy. He was the first one along with another individual to navigate John’s Pass looking for new potential farmland on the west coast of Florida, therefore the pass was named after him. John’s Pass became a hustling and bustling fishing community until the Hubbard Family built a boardwalk. Soon after shops were built for retailers and John’s Pass Village has gone from a sleepy west coast Florida fishing village to the number one tourist destination in Pinellas County. John’s Pass Village is a boardwalk with around 150 retail, specialty shops & restaurants offering everything from watersports, fishing, clothing, icecream, dining, sightseeing and even a store where you can Kiss A Gator and hug a sloth. Visitors can watch as the large fishing boats come in daily and clean their catch of Snapper, Grouper and other fish. Dolphins constantly pass in front of the boardwalk as well offering tourists an exciting appearance from these playful creatures. Large Snook which is a game fish native to southern Florida and sought after for their outstanding fighting ability and delicious meat can also be seen under the boardwalk alongside the pillars and pilings. Pelicans, Seagulls, Herons and other wild birds native to the islands of John’s Pass will be seen diving for small fish and hanging around the Charter Fishing Boats looking for a quick and easy handout from the fishermen cleaning their daily catch.

Is there hidden treasure in John’s Pass?

As the story goes John Levique had buried chests of gold on an island off of the coast of Madeira Beach from the profits he made from piracy and turtle farming. As he was either returning from New Orleans from a large turtle transaction or coming back to the Madeira Beach and surrounding areas to find new land for farming he was caught up in a hurricane that cut the pass through Madeira Beach which is now known as John’s Pass. When the Hurricane came ashore and created John’s Pass it also changed the landscape and washed away the island that John Levique had supposedly buried his treasure on. His lost treasure was spread throughout Johns Pass and the surrounding beaches and islands never to be found. So is there hidden treasure in John’s Pass? Who really knows, but I can tell you it’s a great story and fun to think about the history and excitement of stumbling upon a gold coin as your wading or walking along one of the islands or sandbars in John’s Pass.

Where is John’s Pass?

John’s Pass is located in the midwest region of Florida, in the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg area. It’s on the farthest west side of Pinellas County one block away from the beach in Madeira. In this order from the southern tip of Pinellas County beaches, we have Passagrille Beach, St. Pete Beach, Upham Beach, Sunset Beach, Treasure Island Beach, Madeira Beach, Reddington Beach, Sand Key Beach, and then the famous Clearwater Beach which has been voted the #1 beach in the USA for several years over the past decade. Out of all the beaches listed John’s Pass and John’s Pass Village is located on the southern end of Madeira Beach bordering the east side of Gulf Blvd on the northeast side of the John’s Pass Bridge. It’s been acknowledged as the number one tourist destination in Pinellas County and there’s something to do for everyone there, no matter how old you are, or where your from.

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